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July 17, 2007


Seth Bailey

I totaly agree! I live in suburbia with a D&D right in town. It is very sad when almost every day I see their trash bin full of the polystyrene and plastic cups loaded up. Every one talks about destroying the planet. But its these small changes that need to happen NOW!!


Hello! I'm wondering if you ever got a response from DD corporate. In addition to the issue of not having recycling bins in their store, they also use the polystyrene cups for medium and larger hot coffee which, to the best of my knowledge, isn't accepted for recycling in many communities due to start up costs for the recycling plant. Together we can make a difference!


I wrote them as well before searching to see if others had. I included that they seem to double bag all their items as well. Order a bagel, they wrap it in paper then put it into another bag! I've been getting mine just handed to me instead of wasting anything, it just gets thrown away on the way out anyway!


did you ever receive a response from them? I am interested in starting working on more and more chains, like starbucks too, to do the same...

Bonnie Bohan

I also have really wanted the same thing for several years... I have worked at Dunkin' Donuts part-time while attending school, and I've been considering also taking action towards this initiative.

Did you ever get a response? Who did you contact? Are there any other actions you've taken?

I'm really interested! I'm thinking about starting campus-wide support for it at Champlain College and seeing where it goes... I'd love your input.

Mia knable

Yes, as consumers we need to do something
To help recycling ask dunkin donuts recycling bins at
Their stores is an excellent idea!!!!!!

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